We know what it takes to run a successful NFT project with the right strategy, support, and marketing.

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At DIMO NFT Studio is where your idea is born. We help creators upscale their brand and maximize their utility. Our strategy includes designing, developing, and managing NFT Projects. We act as an incubator platform to grow your idea into a fully functional NFT project.


Outstanding business growth

We deliver a passionate, tailor-made, and full suite of marketing services that generate increased sales & fetch outstanding business growth online, by designing influencer marketing programs, community outreach programs, social media strategies and much more.


From Ideation to Launch

At DIMO NFT Studio, we support projects from the ideation stages itself and help design and develop the artwork with our in-house team of professional artists. Our team of blockchain specialists will advise on the best solutions to make sure you will get a positive return on your NFT Project.

Our expertise is to upscale your project and maximize its utility.

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Dance Evolves into the Digital World

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XDSea NFT Marketplace

XDSea NFT Marketplace is based on a blockchain over 99% more energy-efficient than Proof of Work-based blockchain networks, providing brands and creators with a more sustainable solution.

Brands and Creators using the XDSea NFT marketplace will benefit from super-low gas fees, this ecosystem will reward both creators and participants equally.

About Us

DIMO NFT Studio is a unique venture in the world of blockchain technology. Our aim is to help brands or creators worldwide enter the NFT market as smoothly as possible.

We apply a unique approach to the use of blockchain technology, distinct from mainstream solutions, to help upscale your brand and maximize the utility.

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Our team of experienced creatives, designers and developers work hand-in-hand with you to create your NFT project. Starting from strategy and design through to technical implementation, our aim is to take your vision and turn it into a reality.

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